Baptism / Christening

Jesus was baptised in the River Jordan by his cousin, John the Baptist at the start of his years of ministry and teaching. He was an adult when he was baptised but we offer baptism to people of every age. No one is ever too young or too old!

When a baby, young person or adult come for baptism something special happens. Baptism marks a new start in their journey of faith. All those attending the baptism, church members, parents, Godparents, family and friends are there to support them from that moment on in the new Christian life they are to live.

Water is poured over the head of the person being baptised three times: in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Often a cross is marked using oil which has been blessed on the forehead of the person being baptised. This is like a badge of belonging; a sign that we belong to Jesus and an ancient rite, used for millenia. A lit candle is also given to the person being baptised – a simple way to remind us of the light of Christ that we take into the world with us, and that we follow both in our individual lives and in our journey of faith together as a church community.

If the person being baptised is too young to make the promises for themselves parents and Godparents need to be able to mkae those promises on their behalf. For this reason, parents and Godparents should have an understanding of not just what will happen at the time of baptism but also what is is all about. We ask that parents (Godparents are welcome too! As are all the family!) to attend a simple baptism preparation course at St. Oswald’s (this can be done online if that is easier). This short course is intended to offer you support and help you plan for the day.

For information about baptisms at St. Oswald’s please do contact Alison, our Priest in Charge on 07470 345829 or She would love to hear from you.