Reverend Lesley-ann Craddock

This is our Priest in charge. Rev Lesley-ann has been with us since 2015 and we have settled into a great relationship together. Lesley-ann is an Ordained Pioneer Priest and has opened the doors of the church building to allow the Cherish Programme ( Mission Action Plan), to have a fluid effect on both the church family and the community around us. With her leadership and our support and love we aim to enable St Oswald’s to be a place to slow the pace of an ever moving 24/7 society. Come and say hello.

Lesley-ann is in the church building  8:30-2pm  on Wednesdays for pastoral chats and support, Monday Evenings for Bible Study and Thursday Even for quiet prayer. and can be contacted by phone:0141 391 4054. catch up with her on twitter @pioneerrev or email her on